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Vin de France Hors série - 2021
Vin de France - 2021

Corsica succumb to the beauties of the island, 92/100 is the score obtained by Rosumarinu 2019. A definition of sciaccarellu with its scents of garrigue and myrrh. Juicy, supple and tender, with a mellow and frank fruit, this is a lovely thirst-quenching wine to drink in its youth.

Vin de France 2021
Enmagnum - 2021

In the early 1960s, his family arrived in Corsica from Algeria and settled in the middle of a beautiful undulation of hills, clearing the maquis and planting vines. 60 years later, Gilles Seroin is about to pass on to his children, a son and a daughter. He does not look back on the road travelled, knows what he owes to his father, and also knows what he has achieved. This series of vintages, each more brilliant than the last, these great reds, these sparkling whites, these rosés for laying down. This tendency not to make mistakes or to correct them quickly, a certain humility and discretion, the satisfaction of seeing the sun shining on the Mediterranean, down there. A beautiful encounter from which one leaves with eyes that shine as brightly as the sea.

Enmagnum - 2021
Guide vin de France
Greenbook 2022

A wine merchant before becoming a winemaker, Gilles Seroin took over the Sant Armettu estate in 1995, shortly after his father Paul told him that the cooperative cellar to which he sold his grapes was about to close. It was originally 11 hectares of vines overlooking the gulf of Propriano, in the northern sector of the Corsica Sartene appellation. Gilles settled in, but almost everything had to be done. Inspired by the story of the local hermit who healed with plants, he gave his name to the estate. Little by little, he built his cellar, enlarged the vineyard to 40 hectares, favouring the old Corsican grape varieties: first of all sciaccarellu, but also genovese, rimenese, minustellu and aleaticu, which find a favourable environment in the middle of the island's maquis. The wide range of wines will receive its organic certification in 2021, and Jeanne and Guillaume, his children, have just joined him. In love with his land and the work that is due to him, Gilles Seroin has also managed to increase the quality of his wines. This year, his estate has climbed up the hierarchy of the guide. Go and meet him, he will give you a warm welcome in the pretty tasting room next to the cellar.

Vin de France Guide spécial - 2021
Sperone golf club
Édition prestige 2021

Under the sun, the sea spray caresses the vines overlooking the upper Baracci valley, while the Martini mountains protect them from the drought. This peaceful place is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. It is with the greatest respect for this fragile balance that the Seroin family has chosen to make wine and olive oil of exceptional quality.

Sperone golf club
Cuisine et vins de France
September october 2021

Wine fairs our selection of the best bottles : Myrtus 2017 domaine Sant Armettu

Cuisine et vins de France
Vigneron number 46
Autumn 2021

He cured a bit of everything, the sore spine, the fevers and the dislocated shoulders. He spoke little, and lived alone in this piece of sheepfold that looked out to sea. He gathered medicinal plants from which he made dressings, ointments, ordered herbal teas and decoctions. People would come from far away to find relief, they would say "go and see the hermit" and they would leave healed on the path of their lives, taking with them a little of the mystery of the man and his joy of being able to do good. He was made a saint, in the Corsican language he was called Sant Armettu.
It is there, in these wild and Edenic surroundings, that the Seroin family settled in 1964.

Vigneron numéro 46
Guide Des vins Bettane - 2019

A healing hermit who chose this exceptional site, in the far north of the appellation, to exercise his gift, inspired the name of the estate. Gilles Seroin produces there the most consistent wines of Sartène, benefiting from old vines and an innate sense of balance in winemaking. The latest vintages, in great progress, confirm the talent of the winemaker with a flawless course in the three colors and wines of a complexity that equals the best. This estate was a hit with its three prestigious vintages in 2017, at the absolute summit of Corsica, with wines of extraordinary aromatic breadth, born from the scent of the herbs of the maquis which gave their name to the prestige vintages.

Guide Des vins Bettane + Desseauve - 2019
Saveurs - Avril 2018

"At Domaine de Sant Armettu, in AOC Sartène, Gilles Seroin slips a little minustellu into the blend of his great wine called Myrtus ... Lost a few kilometers in the background of Propriano, this property nestles in a mountainous setting of all beauty with a view of the sea in the distance. The site is really worth a look ... "

Saveurs -  Avril 2018
In Viaggio Corsica - 2018

"In addition to the Corsican vines of the Sartène appellation, such as Sciaccarellu, the estate also contains almost lost treasures such as Barbarossa, Bianco Gentile or Muscateddu. The love for native vines is also present at the Domaine Sant Armettu, on the slopes of the valley of the Baricci river. Created 55 years ago from large gnarled trunks, and olive trees of the Zinzala cultivar, of island origin. Thus Gilles Seroin has recovered native vines, such as Minustellu from which he draws precious wines in purity. While the old stone rural lodgings have become welcoming gîtes, idolized in nothing but only ten minutes from the beach. "

In Viaggio Corsica - 2018
Vins de France - 2018

"This very good estate near Propriano emerges in the heart of a superb landscape. The cellar is open from 8 a.m. to 11.30 a.m., and from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. (except Sundays). Gilles Seroin's wines are simply delicious. We highly recommend that you spend a night in the lodgings in the middle of the vineyards..."

La revue du vin de France – 2018
Vins de France - 2017

"IGP Island of Beauty Myrtus. The minustellu completes the sciaccarellu up to 20%. The nose of brambles is fresh and complex (citrus peel). The palate is full of freshness. Its delicacy of texture makes it a chiseled, slender and inspired wine whose finesse must be preserved during aging. 21 € "

La revue des vins de France – 2017
Vanity Fair

Which had itself gathered the best winegrowers of the AOP Sartène and Ajaccio (Pratavone, Vaccelli and Abbatucci), notably inviting the legendary Gilles Seroin from Domaine Sant'Armettu, a jewel of Sartene facing the sea, who made us taste a few cuvées from of ancient grape varieties, radically different from its legendary Myrtus, a modern classic in essence.

Vanity Fair 09/17
Le Figaro

Domaine Sant Armettu, managed by Gilles Seroin, welcomes visitors like friends. The magnificent estate, bordered by olive trees (Sant Armettu also produces oil), a superb vegetable garden, and a well-hidden guesthouse, will make you want to settle there forever. Gilles is good at marketing and his bottles, perfect for gifts, are adorned with beautiful multicolored labels. The producer also offers "WIT" (Wine in Tube), 10 centilitre flasks in screen-printed glass, the main advantage of which is to be able to sip the house's vintage solo without feeling guilty... Well done!

Le Figaro 07/12
Harvest time in the Sartenais vineyards: In many of the 10 Sartenais wineries, the harvest has started. But the rather cool weather of the summer season delayed the picking of the bunches by a few days. In the Sartenais, the quality of the grapes is essential ... the quantity as well. In Sant'Armettu in Baracci and in Saparale in Ortolo, the slopes most exposed to the sun are starting to be harvested.
Corse Matin 08/14
Les Echos
Between plain and mountain, streaked with lines of regular vines, punctuated with olive trees and holm oaks which are like capital letters given to the writing of nature, the gentle hills of the Sant Armettu estate draw a small peaceful ocean in the Mediterranean. If the site is still a hermitage, it is for endemic grape varieties. Gilles Seroin cultivates them, cares for them and makes them grow. Gilles Seroin produces a very distinctive Corsican wine, but also very personal, marked by the finesse of the aromas rather than by the power of maturity ...
Les Echos 02/16
Yann le magazine des chefs – Juillet 2016

Take advantage of a visit to this legendary place overlooking the Gulf of Propriano and the bay of Tizzano to discover the wines of Domaine Sant'Armettu, of which Paul and Gilles Seroin are the owners. From white to rosé via red, each cuvée comes from responsible viticulture. "We make sure that our wines are the faithful expression of this exceptional terroir of which we are the guardians", they testify with passion. The Domaine gite welcomes you all year round to enjoy the view and the calm of the vineyards.

Marie Claire - 07/16
Guide Bettane 2022

It is the great identifying red grape variety of Corsica, the soul of the maquis is expressed in its aromas, whatever the chosen method of vinification. More or less extracted, concentrated or infused, the wines have undertaken to invade the world. The vintages of Gilles Seroin at the Sant Armettu estate are the tip of this conquering arrow. 

Bettane 2022
Vin de France 2021


Burghese 2018

A domiannte of Sciaccarelly and Minustellu, it offers a nose of maquis and black pepper, a mouth of great scope, tasty and very full, whose maturity of fruit and tannins surprises in the context of the vintage. Ambitious, very accomplished, high in colour. 

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